Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) encourages healthy research processes for the purpose of student learning, to increase knowledge in a particular field, and in order that the institutional mission is advanced in a discernible manner.


TMCC Research Committee:


The research committee at TMCC exists to examine research processes within the institution. From discussing broad research processes to exploring research in the context of the college’s indigenous identity, this committee meets once each semester to explore timely subject matter related to research.


Additionally, the research approval subcommittee functions as a preliminary internal mechanism for institutional approval for the research process. This committee examines basic details of new research requests to ensure alignment to institutional mission, and it reviews very broad aspects of a research process.


To request a preliminary review of a research project involving TMCC, please fill out this form.



Tribal Nations Research Group:


Tribal Nations Research Group serves as the official research review board for TMCC. For any research project involving the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians—including studies involving TMCC—approval is required through this entity. Please contact this organization to submit a protocol for review. Note: research involving TMCC must receive TMCC subcommittee review first using the form referenced above.