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Welcome to the TMCC Faculty Office

The key purpose of the College and therefore of faculty, is instruction.  Enabling students to fulfill their total personal, intellectual, and vocational objectives constitute the heart of faculty responsibility.  Consulting, community service, and research of necessity are secondary to instruction, preparation, and advising of students.  Without quality execution of this basic mission, other activities become insignificant.  Carrying out this critical task entails the following activities of faculty:  
    • Continuous professional enrichment through advanced course work, familiarity with professional literature, attendance at professional conferences and regular research  
    • Active integration of Native American traditions, practices, and perspectives into course materials and procedures 
    • Consistent and updated preparation 
    • Creation of a classroom environment conducive to college-level learning 
    • Administration of examinations and prompt submission of mid-term/final grades 
    • Maintenance of appropriate records 


The administration office consists of the college president, vice president, the president’s administrative assistant, the sponsored programs officer, and institutional development staff for the college.

Advising List

The following document will help assist students in how to determine who your advisor will be.

Building & Grounds

The goal of the Facilities Department is to ensure a clean, safe, comfortable and efficiently run department which enhances the students’ learning environment.

Campus Directory

A list of Turtle Mountain Community College faculty and staff that includes phone extensions, email address, and office locations.

Faculty Credentials

A listing of the credentials of our faculty here at TMCC.

Fiscal Office

As trustee of Institutional, Tribal, State, and Federal funds designated as educational support, the Fiscal Office has the responsibility to protect all funds and to use them prudently. The Fiscal Office also recognizes that the quality and quantity of learning programs are related to both the amount of funding provided and the effective and efficient management of those funds.


TMCC’s tribal charter established a two tier governance structure.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Office is committed to providing quality service to TMCC employees, to prospective employees and to the general public.

IT Department

The Department of Information Technology at Turtle Mountain Community College is dedicated to learning and understanding the constantly changing world of technology.


Following is a list of various resources that may be helpful to faculty and staff at TMCC:

Helpful Links