Faculty Resources


Boozhoo Annin/Tanshi kiya Welcome to TMCC!  


This page is a resource to help familiarize new and existing faculty with procedures and best practices for effective instruction. It contains basic information, policies and processes, as well as references to other TMCC documents, both print and electronically accessible, that will be important for your success in teaching your students. Although this page provides pertinent information that you may require, it may not be complete. It should be used along with relevant sources found on the College website (URL tabs of available sources are embedded in the electronic version of this document), and with other information you may receive from your department chairperson, program coordinator or the TMCC administration. The contents of these handbooks may change as they will be frequently updated. You will be given email notice of such changes.  Feedback to the Dean of Academics suggesting additional or updated information will be welcomed.


This page was created as a way of consolidating important information that Faculty need at TMCC.  It contains the following documents:


General Faculty Handbook

This contains information about basic expectations, requirements, and helpful resources for all TMCC faculty.


Department Chair Handbook

This outlines the duties, responsibilities, selection process, and compensation policies for instructional department chairs.


Assessment Handbook

This outlines the assessment procedures and timelines at TMCC.


Advising Handbook

This contains information and resources to help TMCC faculty be successful advisors.


Distance Learning Handbook

This document outlines the requirements and procedures for distance education delivery.