Anishinaabe Language


This Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in the Anishinaabe Language offers the opportunity for students seeking to become fluent speakers and enter into the growing and much needed field of Immersion and/or language Education. Language will be taught using a variety of methods including, but not limited to: oral stories and lessons, songs, games, and through Immersion. Knowledge gained through these courses will empower the student to be able to speak and comprehend the Anishinaabe language in various settings. Completion of the program can lead to future employment in the areas of Education with an emphasis on becoming Immersion Teachers, Tribal Government, and Historical Research/Preservation.


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Program Outcomes:


This Associate of Arts degree in the Anishinaabe Language offers the opportunity for students seeking to become fluent speakers.


  • Identify the various aspects of the Anishinaabe cultural heritage which permeate the lifestyles of people living across Anishinaabe akiing (Ojibwe lands).
  • Explain what made Anishinaabe communities in the past 100% self-sustainable and the cause and effect of how government policies systematically broke these communities down.
  • Displays command of all of the basic syllables (sounds) in the Ojibwe language and can break down sentences from parts of a word to syllables within that word correctly.
  • Demonstrates a fluent comprehension of “survival Anishinaabemowin” and is able to speak and understand phrases.
  • Demonstrates ability to carry on a conversation with another Ojibwe speaker at the Intermediate level (based on ACTFL proficiency guidelines)

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Language Courses 18 Required Credits

LANG 125 Ojibwa I 3 credits
LANG 126 Ojibwa II 3 credits
LANG 299 Native Language Revitalization Case Studies and Planning I 3 credits
PHIL 102 Anishinaabe Worldview Nanda-Nibwaakaawin 3 credits
AHU 250 Anishinaabe Storytelling 3 credits
AHU 254 Anishinaabe Cultural Involvement and Research 3 credits
AHU 256 Anishinaabe Leadership 3 Credits

See catalog for a Sample Two Year Sequence