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Ogimaawiwin (Leadership) and Management


Program of Study and Program Rationale

The BA in Leadership and Management Degree is designed to prepare leaders in the areas of businesses, organizations, and tribal governments. Once completed, students will have gained the necessary background to work successfully in various organizations. Students will also have an understanding of the principles of good and effective leadership practices and strategies. Holders of the degree are grounded in Ojibwe culture, history, values, and in leadership techniques and practices.

The suggested sequence of courses is outlined below. Students will move as a cohort, completing the same courses together and graduating at the end four semesters with their Bachelor Degree in Leadership and Management. Students are highly encouraged to follow the sequence of courses in order to graduate within a two-year time frame.

Course Sequence

Fall: Junior Year (Semester I)

    • LEAD 180 Leadership Development (3)
    • LEAD 235 Cultural and Tribal Sovereignty (3)
    • Grant Writing (3)
    • Business Law (3)
    • ECON 110 Elements of Economics and Tribal Economic Development. (3)

Spring: Junior Year (Semester II)

    • Global Trends in Business (3)
    • Organizational Leadership (3)
    • Finance (3)
    • POLS 241 Indian Law I  (3)
    • POLS 287 Tribal Government (3)

Fall: Senior Year (Semester III)

    • Human Resource Management (3)
    • Advanced Marketing Strategies (3)
    • Leadership and Conflict Resolution (3)
    • Small Business Management (3)
    • Professional Communications (3)

Spring: Senior (Semester IV)

    • Senior Seminar (3)
    • Internship in Leadership (12)

Application deadline: April 19th, 2024 @ 4:00pm


Please review the initial requirements to apply for the BA in Leadership and Management


1. Applicants are required to have an Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Science
degree or 60 or more college credits which include specific prerequisite courses, ie.
Comp. I & II, College Algebra, and Tribal Govt.(to be reviewed by program faculty).


2. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher


3. Students must apply and be accepted to Turtle Mountain Community College.


4. Students will be required to take a written exam to ensure their proficiency level in writing and
critical thinking is at or above the appropriate level for the Junior/Senior courses. This exam will be
provided by the Leadership & Management Department and you must pass with a minimum
percentage of 75%.


5. Students must also submit this application and include:

  • Statement of educational and professional goals and answer “What does being a leader

mean to you in your community?”(250-500 words)

  • Three Letters of Recommendation (two professional and one non-professional) These

letters can be from instructors, supervisors, places of work, or from anyone who can attest
to your ability to successfully complete this program. Please do not include references
from family members.

  • Unofficial transcripts (most recent from all colleges attended)

20 applicants will be selected after the interview and application process



Application for Admission