Associate of Arts


The Departments of Arts and Humanities, and Social Science offer curricula which give TMCC students a broad perspective of the world of knowledge while providing specific pre-professional curriculum sequences which may qualify the student for admission as a junior at the college to which he/she will transfer. Courses in these departments offer specific knowledge of Indian people, particularly the Turtle Mountain Chippewa. An Associate of Arts degree is awarded upon completion of the general education courses and the basic curriculum.

The following curricula are suggested as aids in program planning and may be modified by the student in order to meet specific transfer requirements.  Each student is urged to consult with an academic advisor early in his/her freshman year to plan an entire TMCC program with reference to a specific four-year program at a university. An Associate of Arts Degree is awarded upon the completion of the basic curriculum leading to an Associate of Arts degree.


Arts & Humanities


General Education


Additional concentration credits suggested are listed beside each concentration option


TMCC provides the general background for the following Arts and Humanities areas:


  • Art
  • Business
  • English
  • Humanities
  • Language
  • Music


Social Science


TMCC provides the general background for the following Social Science areas:


  • Criminal Justice
  • History
  • Native Studies
  • Ogimaawi Leadership
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Science

General Education Requirements (85 KB PDF)

For more information, please refer to the TMCC catalog, or visit the Student Services office.

Dr. Terri Martin Parisien

Academic Dean
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Leslie Peltier

Social Science
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Dr. Louise Dauphinais

Arts & Humanities
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Social Science & Department Chair
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Social Science
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Cecelia Myerion

Social Science
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Brian Bercier

Social Science
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Les LaFountain

Social Science
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Stuart Rieke

Arts & Humanities
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Velda Belgarde

Social Science
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Accounting Technician (A.A.S)

Contact Information:

Diane Bercier/Stephanie Bear, Instructors

(701) 477-7862/(701) 477-7859

Office 111D/111E

Program Description

The Accounting Technician Program is a very challenging program designed to train accounting technicians who generally work in bookkeeping/accounting operations in business or accounting departments or as para- professionals assisting professional accountants.

Coursework includes courses in accounting theory, computer technology, and general education that are designed to assure graduates possess the skills necessary to clearly communicate the results of their work, both orally and in writing. Students will become proficient in the latest computerized accounting applications and other prominent software used in the accounting field.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to do the following:

  • Perform accounting procedures including journalizing transactions, preparing financial statements, and completing bank reconciliation.
  • Effectively use QuickBooks and Microsoft Office software to create reports, perform financial transactions, and complete tasks typically found in a business environment.
  • Prepare payroll reports in compliance with federal, state and local tax law.
  • Classify this information and maintain records for future analysis and tax purposes.
  • Communicate key accounting information effectively and precisely.
  • Act independently and as a team member to complete required projects and tasks effectively and within stated deadlines with confidence, competence, and professionalism.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employment of bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks is projected to show little or no change from 2016 to 2026. With more routinized tasks automated, bookkeepers are expected to take on a more analytical and advisory role over the next 10 years. For example, rather than performing manual data entry, bookkeepers will focus more on analyzing their clients’ books and pointing out potential areas for efficiency gains.

Because bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks constitute a large occupation, there will be a large number of job openings from workers leaving the occupation. Thus, opportunities to enter the occupation should be plentiful, despite the slight projected decline in employment.

The median annual wage for Accounting Technician was $38,390 in May 2016.

Required Courses

Required Courses

ACCT 102Fundamentals of Accounting


ACCT 161Internship


ACCT 200Elements of Accounting I


ACCT 201Elements of Accounting II


ACCT 212Payroll Accounting


ACCT 218Computer Applications in Business


BADM 201Principles of Marketing


BADM 202Principles of Management


BADM 215Leadership Development


BADM 224Management Information Systems


BOTE 107Customer Service Strategies


BOTE 108Business Mathematics


BOTE 127Information Processing


BOTE 177Job Readiness


BOTE 211Business Communications


BOTE 247Spreadsheet Applications


CIS 274Project Management


Related General education Courses



ENGL 105Technical Communications



ENGL 110College Composition I


PSYC 100Human Relations in Organizations



PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology




COMM: Communication Requirement – see Gen Ed Matrix

Electives: General Education Electives - see Gen Ed Matrix

Total Credit Hours: 63