Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Project


Department Contact


Dave Garcia

RSAP Coordinator
Phone: 701.394.4189
Ext: 3803
Office: South Campus




Alcohol & Drug prevention services: Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Project and the, Partnership for Success Project (Underage Drinking Prevention), work to implement prevention strategies in areas such as environmental/policy development, alcohol taxation, enforcement efforts, coalition building, town hall steering committee and meetings, networking & partnering, drug & alcohol related data collection, information dissemination, participation in health fairs and general event attendance, PR & media campaigns done through local radio & other media & community outlets (including several large State efforts such as Parents Lead, Speak Volumes, Texting Tip Line (also a Federal & BIA program) and provide related prevention training and technical assistance. Additionally, RSAP partners with the tribal tobacco prevention coalition, New Year’s Eve Sobriety Powwow committee and with other entities working to prevent Binge and Underage Drinking. Efforts are underway to collect meth use data to enable the project to focus on meth prevention in conjunction with State and other initiatives and a strategy targeting the link between Opioids and Binge Drinking.