Electrical Technician


16 Week Certificate



The Electrical Technician Program is designed to give students the skills necessary for successful employment in electrical wiring. A substantial amount of hands-on-experience is provided in the work stations which includes services, rough in-wiring, communication wiring, hanging fixtures, trim out work, blue print reading, load calculations for services and voltage drop, and proper grounding.

Required Courses:




There are no special requirements for admission into these programs. Please refer to the TMCC Admission section for future students.


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Suggested Sequence

ELEC 100 Core Curriculum 2
ELEC 101 Orientation & Safety to Electrical Trade 2
ELEC 103 Intro to Electrical Circuits & Theory 3
ELEC 104 Intro to National Electric Code 4
ELEC 111 National & State Electric Codes 4
ELEC 112 Basic Energy & Electrical Testing 4
ELEC 113 Residential Drawings & Wiring 4
ELEC 177 Job Readiness 1
SAFT 110 OSHA 10-Hour 1


Related General Education Courses:

CIS 101 Computer Literacy
CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers 3
MATH 100 Applied Math 3
PSYC 100 Human Relations in
PSYC 111 Intro to Psychology 3


Total Required Credits – 34

Wayne Sande

Phone: 701.477.7973
e-mail: wsande@tm.edu