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Transfer to Other Colleges


A student may enroll in a program of study at Turtle Mountain Community College that will qualify him/her for junior standing in Turtle Mountain Community College Elementary Education Program or at most four-year colleges and universities. In May of 2002 Turtle Mountain Community College as implemented a General Education core curriculum that qualifies transfer within the North Dakota University System, member institutions, and the 4 Tribal Colleges. Since the requirements of colleges and universities out of state may vary, a student must familiarize him/herself with the program requirements of the Turtle Mountain Community College or the four-year college where s/he will transfer.


A student who is planning to transfer should adhere to the following:


  1. The lower-division requirements at most four-year colleges and universities consist, in general, of two parts:
    a) the general education requirements which are required of all candidates for a degree regardless of the proposed major see the NDUS gold and silver pages, this book is available from your advisor or registrar;
    b) the major department requirements which are part of the student’s projected field of specialization.
  2. The four-year college or university, in the final analysis, determines the transferability of any course.
  3. General education courses, while not equivalent in all aspects, are similar in content. Therefore, all NDUS colleges, and other out of state colleges accept them to satisfy general education requirements. If a student is in doubt about the transfer of any course, he/she should ask for an evaluation by the Registrar at the institution to which he/she plans to transfer. Again, we urge each student to study the college catalog of choice to review requirements. A substantial number of catalogs of four-year colleges and universities are available in the Career Counselor’s office.


Transfer to UND


Please refer to the UND site for more information regarding the agreement between UND and TMCC. UND Agreement Information


Transfer to NDSU


Please refer to NDSU Transfer Equivalency Data Base for a side by side listing of classes from TMCC and the equivalence in the North Dakota State University Systems.


For more information, please refer to the TMCC catalogs, or visit the Student Services office.




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