Project SHELL

Project SHELL

Project SHELL

Project SHELL

Project SHELL

Project SHELL

Project SHELL provides services to 8th grade to deliver educational experiences that provide college and career readiness opportunities. Learning Assistants will provide individual and small group tutoring to students by integrating effective study and learning strategies to maximize each student’s potential for academic success. 

Program Objective

Project SHELL tracks student data and outcomes to further the success and continuation of student and community needs.


In addition to services provided during the school day, students have the opportunity to take part in weekend and summer academies that will deliver culturally-relevant, evidence-based learning to equip youth with the knowledge and skills to improve their educational achievement and assist their readiness to confidently pursue college and careers. 


Native culture will be integrated throughout all aspects of Project SHELL and be a component of the leadership and community service projects.

Services and Eligibilty

Target Schools

  • Turtle Mountain Community Middle School
  • Dunseith Day School
  • Dunseith Public School
  • John Public School
  • Ojibwa Indian School

Services Provided

  • Individual and small group tutoring
  • Evening, summer, and weekend academies focusing on college/career awareness, student academic success, and culture.
  • Leadership and community service opportunities offered throughout the academic year and during summer session
  • Educational support and mentorship

Eligible Students

  • 8th grade students interested in improving academic achievement
  • 8th grade students interested in attending college.
  • 8th grade students interested in developing academic and career-long plans
  • This is a Native Youth Community Project Grant funded program by the Office of Indian Education



  • Call or email the Project SHELL staff for more information and check back regularly for upcoming community events 




McCall Brown

Program Director