Strategic Plan and Goals

Institutional Mission Statement


Turtle Mountain Community College is committed to functioning as an autonomous Indian
controlled college on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation focusing on general studies,
undergraduate education, Career & Technical Education, scholarly research, and continuous
improvement of student learning. By creating an academic environment in which the cultural and
social heritage of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa is brought to bear throughout the
curriculum, the college establishes an administration, staff, faculty, and student body exerting
leadership in the community and providing service to it.



Strategic Planning Implementation


A strategic plan is only as good as its implementation and execution. The Board of Trustees
select a five-member Board of Directors charged with setting institutional policy. The members
of both boards are broadly representative of the community and are enrolled members of the
Tribe. The Board establishes board policy and direction. As a result, the College will monitor
implementation and take actions as necessary to ensure the success of its 2019-2024 Strategic


2019-2024 Strategic Plan

2019-2024 Strategic Plan Goals Summary