The Higher Learning Commission accredits Turtle Mountain Community College.  Accreditation is not a requirement but is important to the College.  As a process, it is a form of peer review in which educational institutions establish a set of criteria and procedures by which they and their fellows are judged.  As a result, it is a form of certification by which the quality of an educational institution, as defined by the accreditation body’s criteria, is affirmed.”  Accreditation information are located on the TMCC website on the Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accreditation page.


TMCC supports programs with specialized accreditation status. Such programs include:



Campus Security Report


TMCC publishes a report disclosing relevant information about campus security policies and crime statistics.  This report are located on the TMCC website on the Campus Security page.


Diversity of Enrollment, Pell Recipients, Retention and Graduation Rates


Information on TMCC diversity of enrollment and PELL recipients, as well as retention and graduation rates are included in the Annual TMCC Data Feedback Reports.  This information is an annual survey data collection from institutions across the US, as collected by the Department of Education.  IPEDS collects institution level data on student enrollment, graduation rates, student charges, program completions, faculty, staff, and finances.


***Below is link to our IPEDS Data Feedback Report:


TMCC IPEDS Data Feedback 2014

TMCC IPEDS Data Feedback 2015

TMCC IPEDS Data Feedback 2016

TMCC IPEDS Data Feedback 2017

TMCC IPEDS Data Feedback 2018


Gainful Employment


The gainful employment page provides student consumer information and gainful employment disclosures for qualifying certificate programs, including program length, estimated cost of completion, median loan debt, and on-time completion rates.  The gainful employment information are located under the Financial Aid Tab on the Gainful Employment page.


Net Price Calculator


The Net Price Calculator is a tool designed to help students estimate what it may cost to attend Turtle Mountain Community College annually.  This estimate is based on the cost of attendance and the financial aid provided to full-time, first-time degree and/or certificate seeking undergraduate students.  Actual net price can vary based on student eligibility and does not represent an actual award.  Submission of the FAFSA is the only way to obtain a true and accurate determination of eligibility.  Estimates apply to full-time, first-time degree and/or certificate seeking undergraduate students.  The Net Price Calculator is located under the Financial Aid Department Tuition and Fees Page.


Disability Resources and Services


The College Counselor coordinates disability Resources and Services.  Information for Disability Resources and Services are located on the College Counselor page of the TMCC Website.  The Vocational Rehabilitation may provide additional resources for eligible applicants.  Information for this are located on the Vocational Rehabilitation Web page.


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