Department Contact

Dr. Jim Davis

Phone: 701.477.7865
Fax: 701.477.7870
Ext: 2050
Office: Room  205A

Kellie Hall

Vice President
Phone: 701.477.7822
Fax: 701-477.7870
Ext: 1104
Office: Room 205B

Robyn Poitra

Title III Admin Assistant
Phone: 701.477.7831
Fax: 701-477.7870
Ext: 1002
Office: Room 207

Dave Ripley

Title III Director
Phone: 701.477.7915
Fax: 701-477.7870
Ext: 2922
Office: Room 207


The administration office consists of the college president, the vice president, the president’s administrative assistant, the sponsored programs officer, and institutional development staff for the college. The President heads the overall administrative structure of the college with direct supervisory responsibility over Institutional Resources.

The President’s administrative assistant serves as his receptionist and appointment scheduler. The Sponsored Programs Officer oversees all sponsored programs and is the lead person for college development. The college’s grant writers and infrastructure developer are housed within the administration office.