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Accounting Technician


This certificate program is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce in the field of accounting. Courses from the Accounting Technician Certificate will transfer to the Business Technology Management Associates of Applied Science Degree at TMCC.


With an Accounting Technician Certificate from TMCC you can seek employment doing entry-level bookkeeping. More experience can lead to jobs like accounts receivable or accounts payable clerk, payroll clerk or bookkeeper. The Accounting Technician Certificate is also designed for someone who may already hold a degree, or who is looking to build their educational background and gain additional skills in the focused area. A trained accounting technician must be detailed-oriented, must be trustworthy, able to handle confidential records and banking deposits. They need excellent communication, math skills, technology skills, and should enjoy working with numbers and people. They must also have excellent time management, critical thinking and customer service skills.


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Course Descriptions (146 KB PDF)

  • ACCT 102 Fundamentals of Accounting (3)
  • ACCT 200 Elements of Accounting I (3)
  • ACCT 201 Elements of Accounting II (3)
  • ACCT 212 Payroll Accounting (3)
  • ACCT 218 Computer Applications in Business (3)
  • BOTE 107 Customer Service Strategies (3)
  • BOTE 108 Business Math (3)
  • BOTE 127 Information Processing (3)
  • BOTE 176 Job Readiness (1)
  • ENGL 105 Technical Writing (3)
  • PSYC 100 Human Relations in Organizations or PSYC 111 Intro to Psychology (2)
  • BOTE 161 Internship (2)

Total Required Credits 32