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Human Resources

Welcome to the TMCC Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office assists in the support of the Turtle Mountain Community College in achieving its goals by providing effective human resource services in a fair and equitable manner.


Our Office provides services of supporting a comprehensive range of personnel needs, many of which are driven by evolving Tribal, State and Federal legislation. The Department performs various Human Resource functions through:

  • Assisting in developing and interpreting policy.
  • Acting as internal consultants to all departments on personnel related issues.
  • Maintaining employment practices consistent with applicable legislation.
  • Assisting in resolving employee concerns, grievances, and appeals.
  • Assisting in administering and resolving workers’ compensation and unemployment issues and claims.
  • Assisting in providing training and development.
  • Maintaining equitable and competitive compensation practices.

Policy & Procedures

Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) enacts regulations to ensure faculty and staff the right to participate effectively in shared governance, and to ensure the right of TMCC faculty/staff committees to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum, academic standards, services provided for students, and in their primary professional duties.