Bachelor of Arts in Leadership & Management


The BA in Leadership and Management Degree is designed to prepare leaders in the areas of businesses, organizations, and tribal governments. Once completed, students will have gained the necessary background to work successfully in various organizations. Students will also have an understanding of the principles of good and effective leadership practices and strategies. Holders of the degree are grounded in Ojibwe culture, history, values, and in leadership techniques and practices.


Admission Requirements


  1. Students are required to have an Associate degree in either Art, Science, or Applied Science with a minimum of 60 credits prior to applying for the BA Leadership and Management program.
  2. At the time of application, students must have a minimum 2.5 accumulative G.P.A.
  3. Students are required to fill out an admissions packet and participate in an interview as part of the application process.


Program Outcomes


  1. Students will explain and assess best management and leadership practices that they can utilize in businesses, organizations, and tribal governments.
  2. Students will evaluate the unique role that tribes and tribal governments have in the global business environment.
  3. Students will construct an understanding of tribal knowledge and tribal government practices and apply that knowledge in an organizational environment.
  4. Students will demonstrate leadership skills through professional, ethical, and legal standards of conduct in tribal governments and organizations.


BA – Leadership & Management Handbook




BA in Leadership and Management Application for Admission

General Education Requirements (85 KB PDF)

BA in Leadership and Management Brochure

For more information, please refer to the TMCC catalogs, or visit the Student Services office.

Applicants admitted into the program will move as a cohort, completing the same core courses together and graduating at the end of four semesters with their Bachelor Degree in Leadership and Management. For students who have already completed LEAD 180, LEAD 235, ECON 110, POLS 241, and POLS 287, additional substitute courses are listed below.


Fall: Junior Year (Semester I)


LEAD 180 Leadership Development (3 credits)
LEAD 235 Cultural and Tribal Sovereignty (3 credits)
Grant Writing (3 credits)
Business Law (3 credits)
ECON 110 Elements of Economics and Tribal Economic Development. (3 credits)


Spring: Junior Year (Semester II)


Global Trends in Business (3 credits)
Organizational Leadership (3 credits)
Finance (3 credits)
POLS 241 Indian Law I  (3 credits)
POLS 287 Tribal Government (3 credits)


Fall: Senior Year (Semester III)


Human Resource Management (3 credits)
Advanced Marketing Strategies (3 credits)
Leadership and Conflict Resolution (3 credits)
Small Business Management (3 credits)
Professional Communications (3 credits)


Spring: Senior (Semester IV)

Senior Seminar (3 credits)
Internship in Leadership (9 credits)


Additional Elective Courses for students who have already taken and successfully passed with a “C” or higher LEAD 180, LEAD 235, ECON 110, POLS 241, AND POLS 287


Students who have already taken LEAD 180, LEAD 235, ECON 110, POLS 241, AND POLS 287 can select courses from the list below to satisfy credit requirements for the BA in Leadership and Management degree:


SOC 270 Sociology of Indian Reservations
SOC 271 Contemporary Indian Issues
ECON 201 Microeconomics
SOCI 275 Native American Indian Studies
POLS 115 American Government and Politics
AHU 254 Anishinaabe Cultural Involvement and Research
ECON 202 Macroeconomics
BADM 201 Principles of Marketing


Michael Poitra, Business Instructor/Developer


Phone: 701-477-7862 ext. 2107