Turtle Mountain Community College strives to assist our students in any way possible on their journey to completing their educational goals.

For more information and/or applications for these and other scholarships, please contact Corrilyn Henry the Scholarship Technician at 477.7856.

Please be sure to check each scholarship link for deadline dates, as they likely vary from year to year.



Scholarships Due Availability
ACS Chemistry for Life Scholarship March 1 & Nov. 1 Annual
American Indian College Fund May 31 Annual
American Indian Education FDN Scholarship  Apr. 4 Annual
AISES Scholarships Various Annual
American Indian Services (AIS)  Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1 & Nov. 1 4 times/yr
Assoc. on American Indian Affairs Various Annual
BluePaySTEMScholarship Aug. 16 Annual
Catching The Dream Mar. 15, Apr. 15 & Sept. 15 3 times/yr
Cobell Scholarship Mar. 31 and May 3 2 times/yr
Dale E. Fridell Scholarship Various 4 times/yr
Ethel & Emery Aug. 15 & Dec. 15 2 times/yr
FastWeb Scholarship Varies
Freedom and Innovation Scholarship May 10th Varies
Gates Millenium Scholars Jan. 13 Annual
Go College (Scholarship Search Site) Varies
IES Minority Scholarship Varies Annual
IHS Scholarship New Applications due March 28
7:00pm EST.
Extension Applications (Continuing Scholars) due February 28
7:00 pm EST.
Jack Kent Cooke FDN Various Annual
Jackie Robinson Scholarship Mar. 30 Annual
Jeanette Rankin FDN Mar. 1 Annual
Lodlois Scholarship June 30th Annual
Lulus Scholarship Survey  March 1st Annual
Look Twice, Save a Scholarship Dec. 1 Annual
Marine Corps Scholarship Apr. 15 Annual
Massachusets Indian Assoc. Scholarship Sept. 1 and Jan. 1 Annual
Microsoft Scholarship Various Annual
Morris K. Udall Scholarships Mar. 5 Annual
National Merit Scholarship Various Annual
National Peace Essay Contest Feb. 1 Annual
National Relief Scholarship Apr. 4 Annual
Nat’l Society of Accountants Scholarship FDN Mar. 10 Annual
North Dakota Association of the Blind March 15th Annual
North Dakota Education Assoc. Scholarships Various Annual
North Dakota Indian Scholarship July 15 Annual
North Dakota Space Grant Various Annual
North Dakota Scholarships Various Annual
Scholarship Experts-Search Engine Various Annual
StraightForward Media Bus. School Scholarship Various 4 times/yr
The Sallie Mae Fund  Various Annual
Tribal Scholarship Sept. 1 Annual
Tylenol Scholarship May 31 Annual
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Various Annual
USA Funds Various Annual
Worldstudio FDN Various Annual
American Indian Graduate Center Various Annual
Look Twice, Save a Life Scholarship Various Annual
Varsity Tutor Scholarship Contest 15th of each month Monthly
Straight North Scholarship Aug. 15 Annual
Bad Credit Wealth Wise Scholarship December 31, 2018 Annual
Remembering a Life Scholarship  February 29, 2019 Annual
OutdoorStack  May 31, 2019 Annual
Elizabeth Auger Annual Scholarship (for students with Type 1 or type 2 diabetes)  July 31, 2019 Annual
Cyber Forensics Annual Social Media Scholarship Open-Source Forensics Software Scholarship  June 30, 2019 Annual