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Assessment of Student Learning

In 2014 TMCC undertook the task to re-imagine the assessment process across the institution.  The Student Learning Committee (SLC) was formed and populated with a mix of faculty, administrative, and staff representation.  With participation from around the institution, the SLC strives to capture assessment data to meaningfully safeguard evidence that student develop meaningful skills, as determined by institutional learning objectives. 



Below are the results of institution-wide participation in assessment on student learning at Turtle Mountain Community College:




TMCC’s assessment process is centered around the Annual Assessment Form and learning data gathered throughout the academic year.  This form is used to summarize and analyze student learning evidence in all academic programs, general education courses, co-curricular units, and institutional indigenous learning dynamics throughout all courses.  In addition to semesterly data analyzed throughout the academic year, the Assessment Cycle at TMCC is as follows:



  •  August/September

Annual Assessment Kick-Off meeting


  • October 1st

All programs submit their initial assessment plan to the SLC for approval


  • May

All programs present their completed assessment plans to the SLC committee for review


Year-End Assessment Reports


15/16 Assessment Report
16/17 Assessment Report
17/18 Assessment Report
18/19 Assessment Report

19/20 Assessment Report

20/21 Assessment Report

21/22 Assessment Report

22/23 Assessment Report


Assessment Based Request Reports


Each year units are able to make administrative requests based on the results of their annual assessment.  Approved requests are shared with administrative supervisors and their responses are recorded and shared publicly


16/17 Assessment-Based Request Report
17/18 Assessment-Based Request Report



Faculty Assessment Manual
Annual Assessment Plan
General Education Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Assessment within Canvas at Turtle Mountain Community College

Course-Level Canvas Outcomes Data