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Welding Technology-Pipe


Welding Technology-Pipe

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16-Week Certificate


Contact Information

Carl Eller, Instructor
South Campus




The Turtle Mountain Community College Advanced Pipe Welding Program will teach you the skills you need to get on the job quickly and start gaining the experience that will help you refine your skills and become one of the specialists companies are seeking. The profession of welding allows a person to fit into many different career paths due to the demand for those proficient in the art of welding.


Pipe welding has become recognized as a profession in itself. Even though many of the skills are comparable to other types of welding, pipe welders develop skills that are unique only to pipe welding. Because of the hazardous materials that most
pipelines carry, pipe welders are required to pass specific tests before they can be certified.

  • WELD 201 Welding Theory III (2)
  • WELD 202 Welding Theory IV (2)
  • WELD 211 Welding Lab III (6)
  • WELD 213 Welding Lab IV
    Fabrication (6)


Total Required Credits 16