Student Jenzabar Information

Start by going to the Turtle Mountain Community College website

Then click on Jenzabar on the left hand side

Page 1

Log into Jenzabar by entering your username and password in the upper right hand corner.

If you need a username and password please see the IT Department.


To access your course click on My Courses which can be found on the left hand side of the screen under Quick Links. All of the course you are registered in will appear once you click on My Courses.


Once you click on a course it will bring up the Main Page. Within the Main Page there is the following sub sections: About this course, Calendar, Announcements, Handouts and Bookmarks.


Within the about this course section it usually has a welcome message from your instructor welcoming you to the course or it can be a brief description of what the course is about.

The calendar may be used to notify you of assignment deadlines, an upcoming assignment or a classroom change.

Under the announcement section assignment deadlines, an upcoming assignment or a classroom change.

The handouts section can contain power point presentations, word documents, pdf files, videos and any other supplemental course material.

The bookmark section is where links to different websites can be found.

If you click on the attendance page you will see detailed attendance information such as: excused, unexcused and tardy absences, the days you missed, and the total number of days you missed.


The collaboration tab is where you can access forums, chat and coursemates/email. If you experience problems with accessing the chat please look at the grey area in the picture below for assistance.


The forum section is where you can post your reply to a discussion topic and read your classmates post.

The chat section is where you can access the class chat.


When you click on the forum is will bring up the following:


After clicking on whatever topic you want to post to you will see the following:


After you click add a post it will bring up a screen where you can add the following: subject, your post, a picture or a file. Once you are done putting in all the information you want you can either preview or submit.


The next section within the Coursework page is Coursemates. Within the coursemates section you can view who is in the class with you and you can email through this section.


If you select someone to email it will bring up the screen below. Within that screen you can add your subject, your message, attach a file and then send the email. I recommend that you send a copy to yourself.


Under the Course Information page it tells you the title of the course you’re in, the term the course is offered in, and lists your instructor with their office hours.


I’m going to walk you through the different types of assignments and those are: Online, Basic and a File Upload.


To open up an assignment just click on the name of the assignment you need to complete. After you complete that task it will open up the window you see below:


Once you enter your exam it will show all of the following: time limit, length, how many points the exam/quiz is scored out of, exit the exam and save progress. I highly recommend you save your progress every page or every other page.


The next example I’m going to walk you through is a File Upload assignment.


Once you click on the assignment it will bring up the following screen. In a file upload assignment your instructor usually uploads a document for you to look at, but if that isn’t the case and all you have to do is upload a file, so the instructor can look at it and grade it you can do that here as well.


If your instructor uploaded a file for you and you clicked on it you will see the screen below. Click on Save As, that option will allow you to save the file on your computers. A good habit to get into is creating a folder for each course you have and saving documents specific to a certain course in that folder you created for it. It really helps when you try and find a document you have been working on.


Once you save the document to your computer, open up the file and follow the instructions within.


After you answer the questions in the file resave the document.


Now go back to Jenzabar and click on Ipload a file, you are going to send that file back to your instructor for grading.


After I clicked on Upload a file it opened up a dialog box asking me find the file on my computer or (browse). Click on browse and find that file you were working on, if you created a folder for the course you are working in the file should be located in there.


Once you click on browse it will bring up files on your computer. Remember where you saved the file it will save you a lot of time!


When you find the file, click on it once and then click open. I saved my file on my Desktop, so I knew where to go.


After I click open it will ask me if I want to add the file and yes I do.


After you click add the file, make sure you select or if you are finished turn in your exam. If you fail to do that last step your instructor will not receive your assignment.


The last assignment type we are going to go through is a basic format. Instructors usually use basic assignments for in-class assignments, homework, lab reports or for forum/chat participation points.


Once you click on the assignment it will show you instructions that the instructor put in there for that assignment. Note: you can’t upload anything in this type of assignment, or answer questions. If you are supposed to upload an assignment this is not the place to do so, contact your instructor if this is the case.


The gradebook will show you scores you received on different assignments throughout the course. If you have discrepancies please talk with your instructor.


The syllabus page will have the syllabus available for you to download, the instructor may list the syllabus under the Course Syllabus section, and the last section on that page is readings. The readings section if used will provide you with specific material you need to read.


We are done going through material that is specific to a course. Now I’m going to show you how to change your password. If you click on Personal Information right where it says Welcome back and it has your name, it will bring up the following: account info, password and photo. You can change your password by entering your old password, creating a new password and confirming your new password and then click save.