IT Department


Department Contact

Chad Davis

IT Director
Phone: 701.477.7847
Ext: 2058
Office: Room 208A


Mike Poitra

System Administrator
Phone: 701.477.7984
Ext: 2057
Office: Room 208A


Dillon Allery

Webmaster/Graphic Designer
Phone: 701.477.7848
Ext: 2115
Office: Room 208A

Ben Chromij

IT Specialist
Phone: 701.477.7862
Ext: 1065
Office: Room 208A


Jaclyn De Los Santos

Database Report Writer Trainer
Phone: 701.477.7904
Ext: 2946
Office: Room 208A


Robert Poitra

Distance Learning Coordinator
Phone: 701.477.7842
Ext: 2113
Office: Room 208A




The Information Technology Department (ITD) is dedicated to delivering high quality technical service to the students, faculty, staff, and community with timely and professional support. Turtle Mountain Community College Information Technology Department (ITD) provides support services for students and employees.  

We provide:


  • Help Desk
  • Single Sign On login questions and password resets
  • Computer and printer repair
  • Training on Canvas, Google, and Microsoft
  • Specialized software including those with disabilities

IT Strategic Plan


The purpose of the technology plan and committee is to provide direction and insight to improve and enhance the technology infrastructure and services at the college.  The committee will assure that the plan is thorough, that findings and recommendation of the committee are consistent, that all persons associated with the college have the opportunity to review the entire document before the final draft is written and submitted, and that the plan is completed on time.  Our major activities include: IT Support Services


  • We provide new employee or student login ID and password to access computers, email and web portal.
  • We provide orientation to the students on online course management systems and web portals.
  • We assist students, faculty and staff to resolve hardware, software and connectivity issues.
  • We assist instructors on how to setup audio-visual equipment and instructional technology tools in the classroom.

Student Web Portal


When a student has been fully admitted to TMCC, the Admissions Officer will forward their information to the IT Department. After the IT Department receives this information, they will create the student account. The username will be in the following format: first name.last name, if the student’s name is John Doe, the username would be john.doe. For security reasons the password combination will be sent via email directly to the student. If the student does not have an alternate email, address the IT Department will mail the email information to the student’s home address or it can be picked up from the IT Department.

Students can log into their email address by going to the TMCC webpage at and clicking on single sign on. Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications.


Online Learning Management System


All TMCC classes use Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) to enhance student learning. The LMS includes tools for course handouts, announcements, group and private discussions, test administration, internet links, and delivery of course content. The typical classroom course uses one or more of the tools, while totally online classes potentially use all of the available tools. An internet link to each online course a student is registered for automatically appears within the student’s personal web portal.


Appropriate Use Policy


This policy applies to all users of IT systems, including but not limited to students, faculty, and staff. It applies to the use of all IT systems. These include systems, networks, and facilities administered by the IT Department, as well as those administered by individual departments, laboratories, and other college-based entities.


The Turtle Mountain Community College provides computers, networks, and Internet access to support the educational mission of the institution and to enhance the curriculum and learning opportunities for students and staff. The Institutional Technology (IT) Committee believes that the resources available through the Internet are of significant value in the learning process and preparing students for future success. At the same time, the unregulated availability of information and communication on the Internet requires that institutions establish reasonable controls for lawful, efficient, and appropriate use of this technology.


For more information about the Appropriate Use Policy, please view the following link:




TMCC, in collaboration with Google, Inc., provides a Gmail account for student email. This system features unlimited email storage, enhanced mail search, Instant Messenger chat integration, access to Google Drive and full calendar use.

For more information on all the capabilities of Google, please view the following link:


Microsoft Office 365


TMCC provides students with access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


For more information on Microsoft Office365, please view the following link:

Online Meetings and Video Conferencing


Faculty and students use a web conferencing systems from Cisco Webex & Google Hangouts to allow faculty, staff, students and guest speakers located at distant locations to participate in a live session. Users can collaborate via chat, voice, video, information appearing on the computer screen, and an electronic whiteboard.

For more information on Google Hangouts and Cisco Webex, please view the following link:


Help Desk


The Help Desk provides technology support for students and staff in a variety of areas. This includes hardware and software support for TMCC owned computer equipment, as well as assisting students with issues related to their Jenzabar, Canvas, and Google email.


To submit a service request, please view the following link:


Help Desk Portal


Laptop Checkout Forms

Staff/ Faculty Laptop Checkout Form

Student Laptop Agreement


Student Laptop Checkout Form

Student Laptop Return Form

Student Computer Purchase Agreement


Technology Checkout Form


The purpose of the TMCC IT Appropriate Policy  is to ensure an information technology infrastructure that promotes the basic mission of the college in teaching, learning, research, and administration.  *Violating these policies may result in the revocation of the privilege to access computers within the college.