Accounting Specialist II


Accounting Specialist II

Position:   Accounting Specialist II
Department:  Business Office
Accountable To:  Comptroller
Opening Date:
Closing Date:  Open until filled
Salary:  $16.45 – $17.86/hr


SUMMARY OF WORK:  This position performs duties in all areas of the business office



Nature of Work:   This position performs professional accounting functions.  This position requires a high level of attention to accuracy and timeliness of reports.  This position is in an office setting.  Work day normally is 8:00am to 4:30pm but often extra time is worked to complete special projects, prepare for audit, and complete reports.  This office places a high priority on the confidentiality of sensitive information.


Personal Contacts:    Work requires continuous contact with the Comptroller, and other business office personnel.  In addition, this position has regular contact with project directors, department heads, principal investigators, and custodians.  This position has contact with any employee who submits purchase requisitions/payment requisitions.  This position has contact with federal and state granting agencies on fiscal matters on a regular basis.  This position requires coordination and cooperation with other business office personnel to prepare for the audit.  Cooperation is needed from project directors and proposal writers in order to verify budgets, receive award letters, authorizations for budget revisions, and to prepare quarterly reports for certain federal agencies in order to receive draw-downs. Continuous contact with the general public and students.


Supervision Received:          The Comptroller assigns this position’s responsibilities and provides direction and instructions.  Assignments and instruction are generally given face to face or in e-mail, occasionally in meetings and rarely in memos.


Supervision Exercised:         This position does not supervise other employees.


Essential Functions:   

  • Gather expense and draw down data, prepare financial expense reports for grants and contracts in an accurate and timely manner (Electronic SF 272, SF425, FFR reports – long and short form, SF270, or other formats) as required by the granting agency.
  • Prepare draw-downs as needed (at least monthly) or as stipulated by the granting or contracting agency for each grant or contract.
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Create, customize, test and maintain reports in Infomaker Report Writer
  • Responsible for the account receivable function, including billing and collection



  • Record revenue from draw-downs by direct deposit monthly for all programs.
  • Prepare monthly expense reports for the Program/Project Directors.  Monitor and provide fiscal management of grants assigned.
  • Daily use of computerized accounting system to extract reports from various accounting modules in Jenzabar Accounting System.
  • Make general ledger entries into the computer.
  • Complete bank reconciliation’s each month for serval accounts including Arrowhead. .  Utilize customized Infomaker reports in the bank reconciliation process
  • Assist in the annual audit.
  • Assists with internal audits.
  • Cross-train for payroll.  Prepare payroll and all duties associated with payroll in absence of Accountant responsible for payroll.
  • Assist in the distribution of financial aid checks.
  • Prepares spreadsheets using Excel when necessary
  • Responsible for tilling out and reconciling Bookstore cash register.
  • Adds new grants to Jenzabar, including creating numbers, distribute chars of accounts to grant directors.  Close out grants
  • Identify and document purchases of capital assets and enter the assets in software and depreciate capital assets. Enter in Capital Assets and related deprecation Jenzabar System Software since they are not integrated.
  • Be available for evening work and travel when required.
  • Work under the direct supervision of the Comptroller and in close coordination with the other Business Office personnel.
  • Other duties include answering telephone, copying documents, typing reports, maintaining files and faxing documents
  • Reconcile credit card charges
  • Create and distributes 1098T’s and other tax forms.
  • Work on committees as assigned by administration
  • Actively promote and participate in community service programs.
  • Performs other related duties as required





  • Knowledge of Jenzabar and Infomaker accounting Software
  • Knowledge of IRS laws pertaining to 1098T
  • Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Knowledge of financial recordkeeping procedures, laws, regulations, and standards
  • Knowledge of Turtle Mountain Community College policy and procedures
  • Knowledge of Turtle Mountain Community College Mission Statement
  • Knowledge of faculty and/or staff hiring procedures.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook
  • Knowledge of all facets of non-budget accounting and finance as applicable to a public and tribal institution
  • Knowledge of federal regulation, law, and auditing requirements.
  • Knowledge of college and/or public auditing policies, standards and procedures.
  • Knowledge of government financial reporting requirements and standards.
  • Knowledge of institutional and audit requirements for the provision of financial information.
  • Knowledge of computing and computer-assisted fiscal and administrative systems.
  • Knowledge of software to quantify and illustrate complex financial reports, comparisons, impacts, and/or projections.
  • Knowledge of financial/business analysis techniques.
  • Knowledge e-mail and internet



  • Skills in keeping accurate records and accounts
  • Skill in budget preparation and fiscal management
  • Skill of creating spreadsheets and Infomaker reports for budgets, business office forms and financial reports



  • Ability to foster a cooperative work environment
  • Ability to develop and implement effective fiscal/accounting policies and financial controls.
  • Ability to interpret audit information and to institute financial policy/procedure
  • Ability to utilize various software packages
  • Ability to utilize computers, fax machines, copy machines and other office equipment.
  • Ability to compile, organize, prepare and maintain an assortment of records, reports, and information in an effective manner and according to departmental and/or governmental regulations.
  • Ability to use independent judgment in routine and non-routine situations.
  • Ability to utilize and understand computer applications and techniques as necessary in the completion of daily assignments.
  • Ability to use Jenzabar software
  • Ability to use and create reports in Infomaker Report Writer
  • Ability to plan, organize, and/or prioritize daily assignments and work activities
  • Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors and other staff members
  • Ability to comprehend, interpret and apply regulations, procedures and related information for Turtle Mountain Community College.
  • Ability to comprehend and apply the regulations and procedures of the department
  • Ability to learn new things when a situation arises
  • This position requires the ability to submit reports and draw downs in a timely manner.
  • Ability to perform algebraic and mathematical computations accurately and rapidly;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information;
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; follow verbal and written instructions.




  • Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or Business Administration (accounting preferred) and two years’ experience with bookkeeping or accounting duties.
  • Must be literate in the use of personal computers; must be fluent in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel software programs



Evaluation of this position will be based primarily upon performance of the preceding requirements and duties.  Examples of job performance criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Performs assigned duties.
  • Effectively assists in implementing Infomaker reports on computerized accounting system for the college.
  • Prepare and submits accurate and timely draw downs.
  • Capably assist in the performance of internal and external audits.
  • Effectively provides information and keeps financial records for grants and contracts.
  • Prepares and submits accurate and timely reports.
  • Deals tactfully and courteously with the public.
  • Observes work hours.
  • Demonstrates punctuality.
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, students and the public.
  • Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information.

How to Apply

Application Packet / Submission:  To be considered for open positions at TMCC, prospective applicants must submit an Application for Employment, cover letter, curriculum vitae and/or resume, college transcripts, three current (within 1 year) letters of reference, and, if applicable, enrollment documentation from a federally recognized tribe and/or veterans preference.  Full time regular employees who apply for a position within the college will receive 5 in-house preference points.  Required licensure/certification as specified in the position vacancy announcement is also required.

The packet will be determined to be incomplete if any required documents are missing; thus the application will not be considered.

All completed applications must be submitted to the Human Resource Manager who will determine which applicants meet qualification requirements per vacancy announcement.

Faculty Openings – If applying for a Faculty position, you must also complete the Faculty Credentialing Form and provide required documentation.

Faculty Credentialing Form
Employment Application
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For more information on any of these positions please contact:

Holly Cahill, Human Resources Manager

Telephone: (701)477.7938


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