Why Give?


Why Give to the Turtle Mountain Community College Foundation?


Because private gifts — of all sizes — provide critical revenue that supports our students, faculty, academic programs, and the vibrant renewal of the culture, traditions, and languages of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. Supporting the attainment of high-quality, postsecondary education opportunities for all is the goal of Turtle Mountain Community College Foundation. We desire to catalyze community change by helping young people understand and appreciate the interdependence of our communities and our world.


We may all start at different places in our life’s journeys; however, no one achieves their fullest potential alone. The tangible support and encouragement we provide today, when a student’s circumstances are dire-no transportation, no food for their families, no water or electricity-helps them stay focused on broader, longer-term goals for a brighter future, rather than getting stuck in a cycle of despair or dropping out of college. Together we can empower the young people of the Turtle Mountain Reservation to keep working towards a brighter future even when life’s circumstances become so difficult it seems almost too much for their young shoulders to bear. Our children, grandchildren and their children deserve nothing less than the quality academic programs and services they want and need.