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About the Foundation


The desire to create the TMCC Foundation has been building over a number of years. Conversations over coffee and in the hallways had employees and students alike discussing the deep needs within TMCC’s walls, and outside in the broader community, that TMCC’s current budget just could not meet.


During 2012, Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC) made strides in accomplishing the goals needed to establish and develop the Turtle Mountain Community College Foundation as a not-for-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization. TMCC invested the resources necessary, making the development of the Foundation a strategic priority. TMCC contracted with a Foundation Directory and an Alumni Association Coordinator to develop the legal infrastructure of the Foundation in accordance with state and federal laws. The Foundation is tasked with cultivating private, sustainable revenue streams unlimited by the restrictions often dictated by federal budgets. By June 30, 2012, the Foundation articulated its vision for the future, its mission, an 18-month strategic plan, and a timeline including benchmarks and indicators of progress towards meeting established goals.


Our Vision:


We believe in helping every member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa to feel and act empowered. We believe individual empowerment, feeling of competence, and the confidence to tackle and solve problems – either new or longstanding – is derived through the mastery of educational experiences, like those provided by Turtle Mountain Community College.


Our Mission:


We promote philanthrophy, develop and manage permanent funds and endowments from a broad range of donors for the benefit of Turtle Mountain Community College’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader community.


Our Values:


Our values are deeply rooted in the ancient, sacred traditions of our People, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. We practice our beliefs according to the social heritage of our tribal community. We cherish and respect all life. We are ever mindful of the teaching of those who came before us, and we work to live in harmony and balance with all of creation. Our values are reflected in our daily lives, which we live according to the Seven Teachings of the Anishinabe.


  • Nbwaakaawin – Wisdom
  • Zaagidiwin – Love
  • Mnaadendmowin – Respect
  • Aakdehewin – Bravery
  • Gwekwaadizinwin – Honesty
  • Dbaadendizwin – Humility
  • Debwewin – Truth


Our Goals:


In order to focus our work toward effectively meeting our missions, we are focused on these four goals:

  1. We invite and contribute private funds to support TMCC’s programs, services, and activities.
  2. We mobilize volunteers to advance and support TMCC’s mission throughout the Turtle Mountain region.
  3. We created meaningful relationships and communications that invite deeper conversations, collaboration, and community engagement.
  4. We catalyze change by engaging across sectors to strengthen the community and its resources.


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