Cooperative Education

What is Cooperative Education?

Cooperative Education is a working partnership among an educational institution, a student, and an employer. The basic purpose is that of providing a student with the opportunity to utilize skills which they have obtained in class or in a real job situation. The student is gaining experience, the employer assisting the student in gaining employability skills, and the institution is a support system for both the student and the employer.

Program Benefits to the Student

  • Student receives a work experience which is meaningful.
  • Student receives training in the career he/she is pursuing.
  • Student receives compensation; therefore, gaining some financial responsibility.
  • Student has a guide or mentor in the world of work.

Program Benefits to the Employer

  • Cost effective means of recruiting and screening for possible future employees.
  • Improved returns on employee training and retention.
  • Opportunities to develop a positive community image.
  • Participates in job coach and job training so that they realize what they expect from a “good” employee.

Promoting a Positive Experience in Job Training

Students interested in earning cooperative education for their paid internship must complete the required registration forms. The maximum credits a student can receive during one semester is six. Credit is based on work hours. For every eighty (80) hours of work the student will receive one (1) credit. To receive six (6) credits during one semester the student must complete 480 hours of work.