Pharmacy Technician


Current Outcomes of TMCC’s Pharmacy Technician Program                                      8/1/2021


Current outcomes are measured by detailed competencies. Competencies are measured through student clinical competencies, mid-term and final exams. Feedback from students is gained through direct advising, informal assessment during class sessions, and formal student evaluation of instructors. Given assessment data and feedback from all courses, the TMCC Pharmacy Technician program has identified certification performance and graduation rates as a critical point of improvement that is necessary for the program. Without national certification, students cannot be placed in a professional setting that requires this credential and this poses a significant area of development for the program.

Graduation rates for TMCC students (1-year average)                                                      87%


National Certification Exam Pass rate for TMCC students                                                50%

By partnering with PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, our program allows students to learn in a real-world environment using the most installed software for independent pharmacies. Students enhance their clinical and functional skills by training in a pharmacy system that is innovative, robust, and feature-rich. Read what current pharmacy leaders are saying about PioneerRx at Pharmacy Software Reviews.