Building Construction Technology


This program is a basic introduction to the construction field. This certificate includes nine Building Construction Technology core classes with one elective. It is designed for the person who only wants the basics of carpentry so they can join the exciting world of construction after only two semesters.

Population growth, deteriorating infrastructure, and aging buildings will generate employment growth in the construction industry. Job opportunities are expected to be good for those construction workers with the most experience and skill. Employment in building construction may include office and industrial building construction companies, home building construction companies, concrete and brick work companies, and highway and street construction companies.

A trained building construction worker must have good hand to eye coordination, understand the blueprint of the work on hand and should be able to carry out the work plan effectively, math skills, and teamwork.

According to, labor-market-information, an entry level position wage in North Dakota in the Building Construction trades industry is approximately $25,080 annually. While the average annual wage for this type of job is $31,640. Upon gaining experience in this field, you can hope to earn as much as $34,920 annually. Even more promising is the opportunity to become a supervisor of your job site, where the average annual wage is approximately $47,620, with the potential to earn $55,350 per year with supervisory experience.

  • CIS 128 Microcomputer Hardware I (3)
  • CIS 129 Microcomputer Hardware II (3)
  • CIS 147 Principles of Security (3)
  • CIS 177 Job Readiness (1)
  • CIS 180 Creating Web Pages I (3)
  • CIS 181 Creating Web Pages II (3)
  • CIS 211 Web Plan & Design (3)
  • CIS 232 Graphics Design (3)
  • CIS 233 Vector Graphics & Web Animations (3)
  • CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers (3)
  • CSCI 127 Introduction to Programming in JavaScript (3)

Total Required Credits: 31

Sheila Trottier

CTE Director
Phone: 701.477.7879