Natural Resource Management


The Associate of Science degree in Natural Resources Management (NRM) is an interdisciplinary program incorporating all sciences-Earth, Life, Physical, and Environmental, Ojibwa and Metis cultural courses, and General Education requirements. TMCC’s NRM program is collaborating with the NDSU NRM department to create a program that is designed to help you obtain a job as a NRM technician upon completion of the Associate of Science degree program or to transfer.


There are no special requirements for admission into this program. Please refer to the TMCC Admission section for future students.

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The following curriculum is suggested as an aid in program planning and may be modified by the student in order to meet specific requirements of the intended four-year program at a university. Each student is urged to consult with an academic advisor early in his/her freshman year to plan an entire TMCC program with reference to a specific four-year program at a university. An Associate of Science Degree is awarded upon the completion of the basic curriculum leading to an Associate of Science degree.


The AS NRM program recommends 72 credits to be equipped to either join the workforce or to transfer to NDSU to begin your BS NRM degree program.

Program Requirements                 Credits

Communications                              9 Credits

ENGL110 Communication I                  3

ENGL120 Communication II                3

COMM110 Public Speaking                   3

Mathematics                                       4-6 Credits

Math 103 College Algebra                      4


Math 111 Algebra I                                   3

Math 112 Algebra II                                 3

Laboratory Science                           20 Credits

Earth Science:
GEOL105 Physical Geology                   4

Life Science:
BIOL 123 Intro to Research Method  4
BIOL151 General Biology II                 4

Physical Science:
CHEM115 Intro to Chemistry               4

Environmental Science:
BIOL124 Environmental Science         4

Health and Wellness                       2 Credits
HPER 210 First Aid/CPR

Social Science                                    6 Credits

American Indian History                       3

Arts and Humanities                      9 Credits

One American Indian Language          3

HUMM190 Traditional Plants             3

LANG II                                                    3

Technology                                         3 Credits

CSCI101 Intro to Computers                3

SOCI105 First Year Experience  2 Credits

(Required for Freshman)

SOCI120 Graduation and Beyond 1 Credits

(Required for Graduation)

Core Courses                                         13 Credits

GISGPS110                                                  3

NRM150 NRM Orientation                      1

NRM Systems-Turtle Mtn. Systems       3

70-72 Credits Recommended