Resources listed in the Electronic Resource Room (ERR) are evidence pieces for Turtle Mountain Community College Higher Learning Commission’s team visit in March, 2014.

Electronic Resource Room Organization
Resources are found in four different indexes:


Each document in the indexes has a Electronic Resource Room Number (ERR#). This number is used to organize the cited references in the Self-Study text as well as supplementary required materials. Some documents appear in multiple chapters. ERR# numbers are unique, so that each item in the ERR has only one ERR#.


Use the left-hand navigation bar to move between the Alphabetical, Criterion or Institutional Committee Meeting Minutes sections. The left-hand navigation bar will be present on every Index page for viewer convenience. Please note that the search box in the navigation bar searches the entire TMCC website, not strictly the Electronic Resource Room.

How to use the Electronic Resource Room
Browse the Self-Study text chapters or the indexes (Alphabetical, Criterion, Meeting Minutes) and click on the hyperlinked document title or the ERR# to view the evidence piece. If the document is restricted, you will see the text “password protected” next to the document title and will be prompted for a password to gain access. Many of the documents in the ERR are pdfs, however, if a website is referenced, you will be linked directly to that website. To view pdf documents, please make sure your computer has the latest free version of Adobe Reader installed.

Acronyms are found in the Self-Study text and also in corresponding evidence documents. Please refer to this Acronym list for assistance.

Have questions?
If you need any assistance as you navigate the ERR, please feel free to contact Donald Plant, who can answer your questions. We hope the Electronic Resource Room aids in finding the materials about TMCC that you will need as part of the accreditation process.