IT Department

Department Contact

Chad Davis

IT Director

Phone: 701.477.7847

Ext: 2058


Office: Room 208A

Ben Chromyj

Lead IT Technician

Phone: 701.477.7873

Ext: 2110


Office: Room 208A

Donald Plant

IT Technician/Webmaster

Phone: 701.477.7810

Ext: 2924


Office: Room 208A

Sheldon Williams

IT Technician/Distance Ed Tech

Phone: 701.477.7982

Ext: 2047


Office: Room 208A

Mike Poitra

IT Technician/Educ Tech Spec

Phone: 701.477.7984

Ext: 2057


Office: Room 208A

Jackie De Los Santos

Database Report Writer Trainer

Phone: 701.477.7904

Ext: 2946


Office: Room 208A


The Information Technology Department is dedicated to delivering high quality technical service to the students, employees and community.  It is our goal to continuously meet the technological needs of all TMCC students, staff, faculty and visitors.  We currently maintain all the computer labs and several kiosks, along with work stations in the library and Student Support Services office.

IT Strategic Plan

The purpose of the technology plan and committee is to provide direction and insight to improve and enhance the technology infrastructure and services at the college.  The committee will assure that the plan is thorough, that findings and recommendation of the committee are consistent, that all persons associated with the college have the opportunity to review the entire document before the final draft is written and submitted, and that the plan is completed on time.  Our major activities include: IT Support Services

  •     We provide new employee or student login ID and password to access computers, email and web portal.
  •     We provide orientation to the students on online course management systems and web portals.
  •     We assist students, faculty and staff to resolve hardware, software and connectivity issues.
  •     We assist instructors on how to setup audio-visual equipment and instructional technology tools in the classroom.

System Maintenance

The IT department monitors all the computer systems within the college and maintains them on a regular basis and/or as needed.  We ensure that the computers specifications are adequate for users to run all software applications that are necessary.  In addition, all campus computers are loaded with anti-virus software and spam-filtering tools to make sure each system is running smoothly.

Server and Storage

TMCC has a high capacity storage infrastructure built on highly efficient storage area network (SAN).  TMCC provides server storage to the students as needed.  Students can store up to 400 MB in the server storage area which gets backed up daily.  The IT department will help you to setup and access your server storage if you have any issues.

Network Services

The IT department maintains all the college networks (LAN and WAN) with its highly skilled technicians.  All of the areas within the college are covered by wireless access points.  The access code can be received from the IT department upon request.

Public Access Computers

The computers in hallways and library are available for public access. If printed documents are needed, please use the computers in the library.

Recommendations for PC Purchasing

The IT department can guide buyers with the purchase of new computers including help to determine the specification of computers and software.

Appropriate Use Policy

The purpose of the TMCC IT Appropriate Policy  is to ensure an information technology infrastructure that promotes the basic mission of the college in teaching, learning, research, and administration.  *Violating these policies may result in the revocation of the privilege to access computers within the college.